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Private Yoga

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Our Private yoga classes are personalized sessions designed to meet the individual needs and goals of a single person or a small group. In private yoga classes, the focus is on tailoring the yoga practice to suit the unique physical abilities, mental state, and lifestyle of the student. During a private yoga session, the teacher works closely with the student to create a customized yoga sequence that addresses specific concerns, such as chronic pain, stress, or anxiety, and adapts the practice to accommodate any injuries, limitations, or health conditions. Private yoga classes are ideal for beginners who want to build a strong foundation, experienced practitioners who want to deepen their practice, or individuals who prefer one-on-one attention and guidance. Private yoga classes also offer the opportunity for a deeper level of exploration and understanding of yoga philosophy and its applications to everyday life. In a private setting, students can ask questions, discuss their experiences, and receive personalized feedback and adjustments from the teacher. Overall, private yoga classes provide a supportive and safe environment for individuals to develop a personal practice that aligns with their unique needs, goals, and aspirations. One Private Session of 60-75mins with the validity to used within 14 Days at Price of 2,222 THB. Proceed to Pricing Plan for Discounted Package Price or Contact us at Line ID : @sivayogabkk +66 63 267 9966

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