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Asana: Happy Hips (★★)

Slightly Challenging

  • Siva Yoga|SIVA Yoga Studio

Service Description

Welcome to this dynamic and engaging yoga class that will help you unlock the full potential of your 4 most important joints - the hips and shoulders. In this class, we will explore these key joints in depth, assessing your range of motion, identifying possible limitations and hypermobilities, and learning techniques to increase your range of motion while keeping your joints safe and healthy. We'll begin by creating a strong foundation with grounding postures, helping you establish a connection with your breath and body. We'll then move on to explore a range of poses that specifically target the hips and shoulders, such as hip openers, shoulder stretches, and dynamic movements that help to increase your range of motion. Throughout the class, we will focus on keeping your joints safe and healthy, ensuring that you learn to leave the path of least resistance. This means that you will learn to move mindfully and with intention, respecting the limits of your body and honoring any sensations or feedback that arise. We'll explore modifications and variations of the poses, making them accessible to all levels of experience and ability. You will have the opportunity to assess your own range of motion and learn techniques to improve your joint health, while also building strength, flexibility, and balance. By the end of the class, you'll have a greater awareness and understanding of your own body and the unique needs of your hips and shoulders. You'll have learned techniques and strategies to help you move with greater ease and freedom, unlocking the full potential of your 4 most important joints. Join us for this transformative practice and experience the power of mindful movement and breath.

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Cancellation Policy

As a small local business, we appreciate your cooperation & contributions. These policies will take places effectively immediately to ensure everyone can have a good experience with us. Booking Policy: - As space is limited, we kindly ask you to release your spot if you decide not to attend. - We encourage booking classes online ahead of time. - Bookings are confirmed upon payment or deduction of class credit. - Bookings without payment will be moved to the waitlist. - Classes are confirmed with at least one confirmed booking. - Class cancellation by the studio may happen within the 6-12 hour window period if there are no bookings. Cancellation Policy: - Paid classes are nonrefundable. - Cancellations must be made at least 12 hours before classes start. - Late cancellations within 12 hours of class starting time will result in a credit deduction. You may pay 222 baht to reinstate your misused class credit. - You are allowed to switch into another class once for that class, so long as you do so before the 12 hour cancellation window period. - Cancellations due to natural disasters and medical-related emergencies will require proof in the form of photos or medical certificates to qualify for refunds. Time Out Policy: - Unpaid bookings with last minute cancellations without notice will immediately result in a 14-day Time Out. - Package members will receive a two-time exception to last minute cancellations without notice. The third strike will result in a 7-day Time Out. - Members may pay 555 baht to resume booking with us. Freeze & Extend Policy: - Package members are allowed to freeze their package for 7-14 days once per purchase. You must provide proof of reason (ex.medical or travel) for the studio to consider. - Package members can pay 555 baht to freeze their package for more than 10 days up to 30 days. - Package members may pay 555 baht to extend the expiration date of their package for another 14 days. Yoga Studio Policy: - Please treat the studio space with respect. Clean your mat after use and leave your shoes outside. - As courtesy to your instructor and classmates, please be mindful of your personal hygiene before entering class. - Please put your phone on silent. -No phone calls during class. Phone calls can be taken outside if necessary. - We appreciate your punctuality and respect for others’ practice by arriving on time and demonstrating consideration throughout the class. - To ensure your safety, please pay close attention to instructions and wait for assistance if needed. Please hold any questions until after class. - Immerse yourself in the practice without distractions. - By confirmed booking & attending a class at the studio, students acknowledge and agree to abide by these policies and the agreed on the waiver. Our Core Value is very simple: "Respect and honor others, just as you would like to be respected and honored."

Contact Details

  • SIVA Yoga, Rama IV Road, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand


  • SIVA Yoga, Rama IV Road, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand


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