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Hips Opening (☆☆)

Experienced Beginners - All Level

  • Siva Yoga|SIVA Yoga Studio

Service Description

Welcome to our invigorating 360-Degree Hips Opening Class! This transformative session is designed to unlock and release tension from every angle, providing a comprehensive exploration of hip mobility, shoulders opening, and backbends. Prepare to embark on a journey that harmonizes strength and flexibility, leaving you feeling liberated and centered. Our sequence begins with grounding poses to connect with the breath and establish a strong foundation. As we progress, dynamic hip openers asanas pave the way for the deeper exploration of expansive postures such as Hanumanasana (Splits Series). Through a carefully curated flow, you'll navigate through various hip-opening asanas, promoting flexibility and alleviating stiffness. To complement the hips opening series, we seamlessly integrate shoulder-opening postures to enhance the overall range of motion. Such as King Pigeon Pose, with its graceful arch, invites you to delve into a heart-opening experience, promoting a sense of vulnerability and strength simultaneously. This 360-Degree Hips Opening Class is suitable for all levels, with modifications provided to accommodate varying abilities. Join us on the mat for a transformative experience that will leave you feeling open, balanced, and ready to embrace the full spectrum of your body's potential.

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Cancellation Policy

As a small local business, we appreciate your cooperation & contributions. These policies will take places effectively immediately to ensure everyone can have a good experience with us. Booking Policy: - As space is limited, we kindly release your spot if you decide not to attend. - We encourage booking classes online ahead of time. - Bookings are confirmed upon payment or deduction of class credit. - Bookings without payment will be moved to the waitlist. - Classes are confirmed with at least 2-3 confirmed booking. - Class cancellation by the studio may happen within the 3-12 hour window period if there are no bookings. Cancellation Policy: - Paid classes/packages are nonrefundable. - Cancellations must be made at least 12 hours (within cancellation window period) before classes start. - Late cancellations will result in a credit deduction. - Change of booked class, can be done only within cancellation window period. - Cancellations due to natural disasters and medical-related emergencies will require proof in the form of photos or medical certificates to qualify for refunds. 12 Hours Cancellation Window Period Policy: - For morning classes, any cancellation after 10.00 PM is considered late cancellation. - For evening classes, any cancellations after 14.00 PM is considered late cancellation. Freeze & Extend Policy: - Package members are allowed to freeze their package for 7-30 days for once per purchase. You must provide proof of reason (ex.medical or travel) for the studio to consider. - Package members can pay 100 baht to Extend/Freeze their package for 7 days - Package members can pay 150 baht to Extend/freeze their package for 14 days - Package members can pay 300 baht to Extend/freeze their package for 30 days Yoga Studio Policy: - Please treat the studio space with respect. Clean your mat after use and leave your shoes outside. - Please be mindful of your personal hygiene before entering class. - Please put your phone on silent. - No phone calls during class. Phone calls can be taken outside if necessary. - We appreciate your punctuality and respect for others’ practice by arriving on time. - To ensure your safety, please pay close attention to instructions and wait for assistance if needed. - Instructors are obliged to perform hands on adjustment to reduce the impact of wrong alignment leading to risks of injuries , if you wish not to be adjusted please make sure you express clear communication before entering the class.

Contact Details

  • SIVA Yoga, Rama IV Road, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand


  • SIVA Yoga, Rama IV Road, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand


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