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Flock of Birds

Weekdays Earlybird Special

399Baht Drop in

available through Online Bookings only

*** Choose EARLY BIRD pricing plan at the checkout. To confirm your booking, after purchasing a plan/package through a class, select the class to book with your purchased plan/package again, you shall then received a confirmation email regarding the specific booked class. ***

Class Level

*** For Drop ins Read before for Bookings ***

Kindly book & confirm the class ahead , no walk-ins without bookings. 

Purchase a Plan/Package before Bookings.

Book a class with Purchased Plan after.

If you Book a class before purchasing a plan, head back to class to book again after you purchased the plan.

Booked class are only valid with confirmation email.

Booked spots are only confirmed after payment.
Each classes have maximum capacity of 10 - 12 mats only.

Classes with no bookings within 6 -12 hours will be cancel automatically.

Our top priority is your safety, in any cases there could be changes of class or instructors happens, please let your instructors know if you have any health challenges or injuries before entering class each time.


We kindly appreciate if you can come 10-15 minutes ahead if you have any inquiries or need to make payments before class and be on time for the class to begin, this will reduce less disruption happening during the middle of the class. 

Participating in a group class places significance on the energy you bring than your performance within the class. It's essential to recognized that in group settings, class levels may require occasional adjustments to align with the collective atmosphere. Embracing community involves showing compassion and empathy towards fellow participants. The group dynamic serves as a reminder of our own progression and the journey that brought us to our current point. It serves as a reminder that the beauty of practicing lies in the adaptability of our mindset, embracing the shifts that naturally occur in our day-to-day experiences.


Fast Pace /  Challenging ( Advanced Practitioner ) 


Medium Pace /  Slightly Challenging ( Intermediate )


Slow Pace / Experienced Beginners ( All Level )

Slow Pace / Beginner Friendly ( No Experience )


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