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Meet Siva's Family

Our Instructors

Serve . Innovative . Versatile . Agility  

at Siva, we believe that coming into each other's lives is not a mere coincidence, but rather an opportunity to co-create a safe space where everyone can help each other to grow and to heal, finding authentic connections with one another and with oneself.


Jaszmine Wang

Jaszmine's classes are known for her calming energy, where students are encouraged to take it slow, focus on foundations, alignments & using the right body engagement. From her diversity background of practise and teaching experiences, which allows her to cover any classes & make it into her style. Whether you're new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, she encourages one to let go of limiting belief and expectations, whether in group or private, she wants student to focus on oneself and individual capabilities, she makes yoga accessible to everyone.

Signature Classes: Yoga Foundations, Stretch Therapy, Sunrise Stretch, Basic Flow, Yin: Moon & Star Flow, Heart & Hatha Flow, Hatha Flow: Sun & Moon

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Oliver's classes are known for his serene, yet hype and pump energy, where students are encouraged to build strength over consistency practise. Whether you're new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, Oliver's classes aim to create a warm and supportive environment where everyone feels comfortable to grow, challenge themselves, and evolve. 

Signature Classes: Power Core, Morning Flow, Strength & Stretch, Ashtanga 101

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Ashtanga Lover

Diane Rostaing

Diane's classes are known for her love for Vinyasa. Her fun sequencing cultivated from the traditional Ashtanga sequences, it's a perfect class for any experienced practitioner who wants to advanced in Vinyasa. Diane's classes creates a challenging opportunity for your practise to advance and grow in your one breath one movement flow.

Signature Classes: Ashtanga Vinyasa, Morning Flow, Heart Opening

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Handstand Yogi

John Lizcano

John's classes are known for his warmth, supportive and gentle energy. He encourages students to practise feeling good with their own body. His knowledge and experienced in body anatomy gives you a good insight on how you should practise mindfully & which muscle to enga. He's also a mastery of Handstand, in his workshop you can often learn many tools and technique from his gymnastic background. 

Classes: Gentle Yoga , Hips Opening & Handstand Workshop

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Vinyasa Flow

Kru Mon

Kru Mon's classes are known for her love for her Dynamic Power Vinyasa Flow. She often start the class slow, speed things up in between, add a little spices to strengthen you up and slow down with deep stretching at the end. If you enjoy plank as much as she does and be ready that she will be incorporating many exercises to fire up your core strength, before you reach your Savasana. 

Signature Classes: Sunset Flow, Yang Flow

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